ABODI is the only Transylvania heritage contemporary high fashion brand, deeply inspired by the Transylvania-born designer’s, Dora Abodi’s roots and inspirations. ABODI’s signature style is fusing traditional with modern and innovation, contemporary references opposed with magic mythologic narratives from Transylvanian family stories, historical and folklore references and the contemporary local culture.

Transylvania is known for the dramatic scenery of its Carpathian landscape and its rich history, longstanding multiculturalism shaping the local folklore and giving birth to fantastic creatures, magic legends, and a fascinating tradition of storytelling.

The main character of ABODI’s Transylvanian Mythology is the TWIN UNISUS, a mystical and powerful creature, a winged unicorn, a hybrid mythological animal. The unicorn symbolises something that is highly desirable but difficult to see, find and obtain, an extremely wild creature, beyond mere mythical imagination, being able to communicate with transcendental powers. The Pegasus is divine winged horse related to Greek Gods. ABODI’s Twin Unisus is the offspring of a Unicorn and a Pegasus, a super magical creature merging the ultimate beauty and power. Other magic creatures and animals are part of the universe, like the Strawman, the Sun & Moonface, dragons, powerful dears, winged leopards and cheetahs, fun loving piglets, wise bears and tricky foxes…

Each collection is a new chapter in ABODI’s Transylvanian Tales. The citizens of ABODI Universe are neo-romantic time-travellers with an addiction to find the great beauty and always ready for adventure.

  • Strawman, the new protagonis of our Universe

    ABODI AW21 is about a Transylvanian time-travel adventure where our magic creatures are emerging from  the deep forest’s of our magical universe. Our epic new protagonist is The ABODI Strawman, half human half transcendental divine creature having a supernatural power of protecting our world, imagined by Dora Abodi.

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  • Transylvania legends & mythology inspired lino work

    ABODI SS23 COLLECTION SS23 collection is a pure sensual confession to those warm, endless summers. The young spirit is full of lure for discovery, where we all desperately endeavour to find fresh romanticism, sweaty bucolic moments with our body just melting between sky and earth. ABODI’s sophisticated sensuality is a saga about an intellectual balance between playfulness and a serene spirit, an unconditional humanity and deep understanding of nature. The main graphic motive of the collection is raw cut minimalistic lino art, where ABODI’s Mythological animals & symbols appear as oversized ancient prints.

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  • Kalotaszeg x ABODI SS21

    ABODI SS21 collection

    Kalotaszeg is a landscape unit located in Transylvania, which includes the area of Kolozs County that stretches along the Kolozsvár-Nagyvárad railway line and the national road from Kolozsvár to Csucsa and is bounded by the Gyalui Mountains in the south, the Kalota Mountains in the west, and the Meszes Mountains in the east. It is divided into three main parts: Felszeg near the western snowfields, Alszeg along the Almás stream and Nádasmente near Cluj.

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