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Kalotaszeg is a landscape unit located in Transylvania, which includes the area of Kolozs County that stretches along the Kolozsvár-Nagyvárad railway line and the national road from Kolozsvár to Csucsa and is bounded by the Gyalui Mountains in the south, the Kalota Mountains in the west, and the Meszes Mountains in the east. It is divided into three main parts: Felszeg near the western snowfields, Alszeg along the Almás stream and Nádasmente near Cluj.

The small book: Cozy meadows of love (Transylvania Mythology III) In 1940 my Transylvanian grandparents, a beautiful young couple, were art students in Budapest Fine Art University. They became part of a student group requested by Count Pal Teleki (prime minister and later cultural minister) to discover and research the folk and culture of Csíkmenaság, a hidden gem of Transylvania. The research ended up to be published in a book by the National Folk History Museum and at the same time in the grandparent’s happy marriage. They were always thrilled and romantic when they told us about these times of their youth and the exciting discoveries of these ancient cultural richness and of course discovering love, and the cosy beauty of Transylvanian meadows, the people they met and the deep mystic forests full of tales and legends.

The collection is widely and freely inspired by their research, the motifs they found and their constant love for each other and their love to collect art pieces of artisans from villages, especially ceramics and embroideries. The collection embodies the mood of their love, the colours which my grandparents loved to wear as young people, the clean and feminine shapes which emphasized the very special classic beauty of my grandmother and the effortless coolness of my grandfather. All art pieces transformed into prints are hand drawn as a tribute to the hand drawn documentation attached to the book, made by my grandparents. The patterns are freely referring to Transylvanian ornaments and motifs with ABODI’s contemporary vibe. The new protagonists are the funny mythological animals, like winged pigs and cheetahs and unicorns, discovered on antique Transylvanian ceramics just to enter and become part of the magic world of ABODI Mythologic Universe and join all the other magic powered animals and creatures ruled by the royal Unisus. The collection is designed to cleverly use sustainable printing methods and fabrics, like eco cotton, almost zero waste silks, Tencel and circularly reused RPET. 



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